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Junk removal Las Vegas, Henderson, NV, Portland, OR

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Serving the Greater Las Vegas Metro Area

Henderson/ West End/ Mountain Springs/ Hesse Camp/ Corn Creek/ Erie/ Boulder City/ Junction City/ Garnet/ Arrolime/ Sloan/ Apex

JP's Junk Removal has been the number one choice among all junk removal companies throughout the Portland Metro area for many years and now will be the new superior choice for Vegas/ Henderson region . The reason we are the #1 choice is simple, we take care of our customers, we are on time and built for the job. Our team is respectful to you and considerate of your neighbors.


Cleaning it up


JP's Junk Removal will go in, around, or through anywhere to get the junk for you. We go where you can or won’t. Crawl spaces, attics, basements, backyards, or anywhere else in your home or property.


Moving it out


As long as it’s not considered hazardous. If you have any kind of household furniture, appliances or electronics, we will take it. If you have lawn and garden brush, debris, fallen limbs or trees, we will handle it.


Family First

John LaBarge and his wife Melissa founded JP’s Junk Removal a few years ago and grew it to be Portland’s premiere junk removal company. The success of the company has allowed the family to expand. John and his family have franchised the business and now have a brand new location in Las Vegas, Nevada and are very excited for the new opportunities to come. (Not to mention the sunny weather!)



John LaBarge is a proud veteran who served our country for 10 years. He continues serving his country by being partners in junk hauling business and serving the community in any way he can. JP’s Junk Removal allows him to do so by helping others with removing their junk, unwanted items and clutter from their home, rentals, business, construction site, etc… He enjoys being able to help others remove stress off their backs by removing those unwanted items for them and deal with the dirty demolition work.

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